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    Aquarian Age

    “Change is afoot,”  Anonymous

    As 2021 approaches, significant changes are in the air, literally. Ancient tribes like the Hopi tell us cosmic energies are coming from the galaxies that will upgrade planetary consciousness. In astrology, the Aquarian Age starts at 0 degrees.  Aquarius’ modern ruler is the planet Uranus, discovered at the time of the Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution. It is recognized as the planet of change where the concepts of individualism began. Its ancient ruler Saturn brings structure and reality to Aquarius’ thinking process.  Together all three entities bring and support the future, always working to merge responsible action with consequences constructively.

    Aquarians, those born between (January 20th – February 18th) will start to shine under this energy influx.  The sign of Aquarius is the sign of the people. It is an air sign with its home in the 11th of friendship and personal goals. The sign of originality, the individuals reflect this trait along with their fiercely independent and eccentric nature. Aquarians innovating thinking and Uranus, the planet of light, create new inventions and technology.

    You may ask, what does this have to do with plants? Aquarians and Uranus offer sparks, innovative techniques, they are the seekers. The plants grow in unusual places and are a bit wonky, with strange scents showing the Aquarian originality of wanting to be realistic or inspirational. Trees stand strong, embracing the winter cold. Sacred spaces must rejuvenate and nurture the Aquarian spirit in all seasons. Paths to their special place to start in the east, capturing the quietness before the sun bursts forth with its energetic rays. They are quiet and meditative spaces, helping Aquarians to calm their active minds. The spaces are low maintenance with meandering plants of forest grass or woolly thyme spilling out alongside walkways and patios. Water features are near sitting benches offering moments of tranquility.

    As the Age of Aquarius pours, its creative energies and knowledge to, us start with celebrating with the flowers of Aquarius. I’ve listed a few.

    Think Bouquets.

    Camellias are a wonderful choice. Their shapes are rose-like, ranging from single to double forms. They come in singular or combinations of whites, creams, pinks, and reds. Their constant blooming and evergreen leaves keep nature with you. A few   slightly perfumed varieties are in the Camellias sasanquaPink-A-Boo, Kramer’s Supreme, and Buttermint.

    In The Language of Flowers, red blooms mean unpretending excellent warmth, and loveliness. Pink expresses longing. White tells the receiver; you are adorable and an example of perfected loveliness. The ancient meanings meant constancy and steadfastness.

    Madeleine du Plessis, the Lady of Camellias, carried bouquets of camellia for 25 days each month. She was a French Courtesan whose story has been told in plays, operas, and books for her representation of earthiness and idyllic human love.

    Violets, Viola is another plant and flower to bring indoors. They are adorable in boutonnieres, corsages, or small bouquets. Often found to link love and humans, violets are in the tales of the Greek myths of Zeus and Hera. Puck used them to do Oberon’s bidding in The Midsummer Night’s Dream. Napoleon returned when the violets bloomed, and Josephine died.

    Violets come in many hues from blue to purple to white and yellow. The Language of Flowers, violets mean modesty, I return your love, simplicity, and sweet beauty. Blue means faithfulness, calming hope, and I’ll be true. White is for candor and innocence, and purity of sentiment.


    One of the most colorful flowers representing Aquarius is the Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia. Five varieties can be found in its native South Africa, where it is called crane flower. King George III (1760-1820) of England saw this flower in the royal gardens and name it after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

    The Language of Flowers suggests using the Bird of Paradise for individuals who have just made significant steps in their lives. Other meanings are it sends joyfulness, optimism, and if heaven exists on Earth, this flower represents that. The multiple colors found in its bloom represent Nature. Its bold shades of red, orange, yellow, and green capture romance, passion, and respect. A great cut flower producing flowers for several weeks from one stalk.

    All the best to you and yours in 2021.



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