“May the sunshine and the garden give off many a color”   Robert H.


I enjoy sharing information and the many avenues of the horticultural world; research, new plants, design styles or urban forestry.  I collect plant stories and with permission share those stories.  One of my favorites is a woman I met who had to take down her large redwood cedar.  We figured it had to be at least 75 years old.  Within the trunk was a book of love poems from World War II. As this magnificent tree aged, its trunk formed in the shape of a heart.  The heart-shape wood became stepping stones in her garden. The book of poetry went into a special place on her shelf.  I love stories like this.

Did you need a sacred space?  While working on helping to quiet places, I use many tools to assess your needs, clearing the space or providing portfolios on what we did and insights of why.  I like to mix hard science, metaphysical, and practical design in meeting the needs of clients.  For example, I had a client who loved orange-really, really loved orange.  When you looked at her spiritual components, she was a strong Leo with a touch of Aires, a Fire element in Feng Shui surrounded by tall trees.  Orange is the color of peace, harmony and moving forward.  All gifts she used in her business. I love to see how the dots connect.



I’ll be reviewing books and tools through my blog.  Many books have left the printed world.  We won’t go into how many I own. There is a bit of fun in seeing how certain areas progressed or changed.  The Western Garden book that Sunset Gardens produces is not static.  Over time, I figured out that the plants change in each publication. A fantastic view of the western garden.  Reviewing older material, provides a sense of what was popular, practices in the field and thought processes. 

I want to bring potential lost knowledge forward.  (as a side note–I was an Information and Knowledge Management specialist in another life.)  Think of it as a digital revolution of another kind, getting the older copies to digital formats. If the physical books are gone, so goes the history, trends and knowledge and opinions gathered at that time.  No dots.

Do I know plants?  There is always lots to learn.  I’ve been engaged with the plant world since I was a child.  Planting, weeding, caring, preserving or managing life-cycles.  You name I’ve done it, working in fields, greenhouses, retail nurseries and private gardens. Native plants are a favorite of mine and stomping around in the great outdoors.  Their history and usage will astound you.  Place a huckleberry in your garden for 3-season interest or a Garry Oak if you have the space.

And I have studied.  Soil, weather, propagation, taxonomy, geology, plant behavior, and entomology.  The spiritual side plays a key role in developing sacred spaces and I have studied those to; eastern, western, and indigenous.  Lots of restoration and stewardship gigs.  Experienced volunteer at gardens in many roles.  Belonged to many horticultural organizations and haunted many a unique nursery.

Once again, welcome to my blog.