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Crystals, The Warms in Sacred Spaces

“I love the color pink.  It makes a bold statement.”   Samuel Larsen


Warm colors of black, brown, copper and pink are captured in this quote by Antoni Gaudi, “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.”  They bring structure, warmth and stability to sacred spaces.  They are feminine colors and energies except for brown who carries both masculine and feminine (Wicca) energy.  In Sacred Spaces they bring other colors closer and stay in the background taking a supporting role to other plants, artwork or paths.

Black is the color of mystery, linking the unknown or the unseen. It creates a sense of possibility and barriers from the outside world where you can rest and be comforted.

Native Americans view black as life-giving reflecting the color of soil.  In a sacred space it will create restfulness and restorative energy adding depth, sophistication and glamour to a space.

Black agates will remove any negativity from plants that are struggling with illness or lack of energy when there does not seem to be logical reasons.  Place next to plant to clear negative energies.

Pop Stones are known as Boji Stones1.  Composed of pyrite and palladium their appearance is smooth on one side with small protrusions on the other.  They reflect and balance yin (female) and yang (male) energies.  These stones help growth and encourage telecommunication between plants.  In sacred spaces their nutritional gifts disintegrate into the soil supporting health and growth.  A fun stone that gives to flowers and loves the people who love flowers.  Fond of almond blossoms, edelweiss and gardenias.

Fossils are formed from soft organic materials (the bone structures of animals, insects or shells).  The word itself means dug up.  They provide a rich volume of minerals needed for plants and soil.  Fossils are stamps from the past and work as an adornment in any space, indoor or outdoor potted plants.  Fond of foxglove, mimosa and red clover.

Lodolite, Lodalite or Lodelite is a quartz infused with chlorite, calcite, feldspar or magnesium aluminum silicate–almost always with iron.  The gem mimics scenes of gardens, landscapes or underwater views.  Lodolite is a grounding crystal used to manifest dreams and desires by bringing the gentle strength of earth into your life.  Known by many names; Scenic, Landscape, or Garden Quartz emphasizing its connection to the natural earth.  An excellent gem for healing and displaying its strong energy.

Obsidian is volcanic glass forming when magma hit the earth and cools rapidly.  Bury two black crystals flanking the front door and the back door of the home.  If you cannot bury them, then place in a pot.  Fond of primula, thistles and tulips.

Onyx is a black agate.  If you are struggling to keep pests away from prized plants, onyx will help.  A grounding crystal that works well against chemical waste in polluted rivers.  Fond of blackthorn and wild cherry trees and edelweiss.

Brown is the color found in bark, stone or wood.  It stabilizes a location by adding structure and support.  An elemental representative of Earth and a masculine energy except in Wicca (feminine).   Brown adds depth and grounding in a small space.  The color supports the South and Southwest directions in the Bagua and the North for Wicca.  When you need creative thoughts, call in Air and Fire Elements place a symbol of brown in the Southeast.

Rhyolite is an alkaline feldspar mixed with quartz forming an extrusive igneous rock.  Found in different colors; predominantly brown, orange-tan, caramel, yellow, or green.  A dense and structural gem that builds up strong preservation attributes for spaces in transition or living in severe climates.  Rhyolite connects to plants in the harshest conditions, succulent plants are a good example.  It deepens your connection with the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Use this crystal when ready for change, sparking creative energies and balancing acceptance and strength.  Leave outside on a windy day to recharge.  Fond of blue poppies and yellow iris.

Rainforest Jasper is a type of rhyolite with many names; Australian Rainforest Jasper, Rainforest Rhyolite, Spherulitic Rhyolite, Agatized Rhyolite, and Green Rhyolite.  Rainforest Jasper is a natural healer reaching far into the green world’s memory activating healing knowledge from the past and the healing ability of plants.  A memory crystal passing on its knowledge through ancestral matriarchal lines.  Attracts devas and other nature spirits to your sacred space.

Tree Agate is an agate that protects the balance between earth’s energy and the green world’s growing requirements.  It forms a safe environment that fosters plant growth, boost the viability of seedlings, strengthen mature plants, or increase harvests.  This is another gem that will work with flowers or plants growing in difficult conditions.  Tree Agate is useful for tuning in to the wisdom of trees. Activate it by sunlight and place in the soil or a container.

Copper is a healing color when changing from old to new ways.  An energetic color wanting you to pick your own path and fulfill your life.  Several ancient goddesses; Ishtar, Aphrodite and Venus display their power of love, balance, beauty and artistic skills with copper.  A feminine color that showers nurturing and youthful attributes of women.  As a mineral, copper is one of eight micro-nutrients required for plant life and photosynthesis.

In your sacred space use copper (mineral form) or the color to receive a boost from the earth. Copper helps to mitigate arthritis and rheumatism and is great in a therapeutic space.  Keep a touch of copper nearby to help with clear communication

Daphnite is a type of chlorite.  A crystal of transformation and transmutation it has long been used by commercial growers for plant production.  The crystal manages communication within the plant world and enhances green life in many types of spaces.  It protects plant growth from pests and digging (i.e. dogs, rodents, elk).

Pink is the highest vibrational color for balancing and maintaining healthy relationships of all kinds.  Mix it with colors of dark blue, green, black or gray tones to highlight their vibrations and that of the guardian angels.  In a child’s garden, pink contributes to adventures and tranquility. Made up of the colors red (for exploring) and white (for insight).  Pink keeps chi in your sacred space.  Use plants or structures of this shade if you need help.

Pink Tourmaline promotes joy and peace during periods of change and growth.  All tourmaline attracts devic energies and are extremely beneficial for the sacred spaces and plants.  Fond of amaryllis, hydrangeas and rhododendrons.

Rose Quartz promotes longer bloom times, keeping flower edges from turning brown.  Add this gem near heart-base flowers like bleeding hearts, roses or jasmine for an extra glow.  The plants themselves bring balance, peace and a sense of being loved.  This quartz supports a plant’s natural healing abilities.  Place next to ones who appear ill.  Rose quartz placed in a polluted area will clear the space.  Fond of apple blossoms, daisies, lilacs and roses.




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