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Crystals, The Hot Colors in Sacred Spaces

“Colors are the smiles of nature,” Leigh Hunt


Hot colors are masculine energies that provide vitality and forward motion.  They represent the force of the sun and love conversations.  Colors and gems that engaged in sharing ideas, communication or new thinking.  In a sacred space they are the attention grabbers; rousing the senses, bringing large spaces to an intimate level and help when human eyes are fading.

Red offer supports and creation of one’s inner strength.  It gives a boost of energy.  Red takes on properties of surrounding colors and is best used in small quantities.

Bloodstone is a chalcedony that in ancient times was called Heliotrope, the Sun Stone.  This gem supports berry plants in their growth and production.  It works with fluids including enchanting water quality.  Bloodstone is recharged by running under water or sitting in the sun.  Fond of scarlet pimpernel, red carnations and snapdragons.

Tiger Iron is a combination of Golden Brown Tiger Eye, hematite, and red jasper.  Called the Stone of Strength, it is charismatic and works well with plants that grew by bulbs.  A grounding gem for plants.  Recommended to use in plant groupings and strong plants types of alliums, garlic or lilies.  It works well with pansies, grapes, gladioli and daffodils.

Orange is called Joy Bringer and is the number one color for moving forward.  It seeks to help you while promoting peace and harmony.  In sacred spaces use this color near a seating area to encourage socializing and spontaneity.  Or add a touch in a private space where personal energy is needed.  Orange support the Southern direction.

Orange Calcite is a wonderful gem of light, vitality and joy.  Looking like it captures sunshine, the Baltic Sun Goddess Saule uses this calcite to shower her journey across the sky.  This is the gem to use when developing new sacred spaces.  Use its warm and playful energy to create a gathering place where it will give confidence and vital energy in designing the space.  Fond of nasturtiums, orange and peach blossoms.

Carnelian is a dense and translucent form of chalcedony. It is a joyful gem that feels very secure in its essence and transmits the same warmth, protection, and inner security to its surroundings.  It will increase the energy flow in any space.  A gem that will preserve sacred sites.  Place in your Love and Relationship area of the Bagua.

Carnelian fuels fiery flavors in peppers found in the Nightshade family. It brings a touch of spice to those in the Monarda family (mint, bee balm) while bringing energy boosts as they grow.  Fond of carnations, chrysanthemums, peonies, poppies and nasturtiums.


Gold is a color that protects and enlightens, is generous and compassionate, loves wisdom and knowledge sharing and provides vital energies to its surroundings.  It attracts prosperity to the home.  Within sacred spaces, gold adds a richness and warmth illuminating objects or plants nearby.

Citrine is a quartz of yellow to brownish-red coloring found in igneous rocks.  The sun’s energy acts as a heat treatment to form citrine within amethyst or smoky quartz deposits.  Sometimes found naturally in amethyst groupings.

It is highly protective gem and can prevent negativity from harming your sacred space, transmuting the negative energy into positive energy.   Known as the Prosperity or Merchant’s Stone, citrine will manifest personal power and abundance.  Place in the Wealth and Abundance corner of your sacred space where it will bring vitality to your plants and finances.  It will warm the space, cleanse it, energize and enhances plant production.  This gem uniquely grounds plants and is fond of citrus trees increasing their scent and taste.

Goldstone, a copper silicate well-known for being created by the Italian monks and is can be called Monkstone.  In a sacred space, it deflects unintentional energy.  It is a healing stone.  A masculine energy when found with gold flecks and feminine when blue and purple are present.

Yellow is The Great Communicator.  Use yellow in a space where you can sit and reflect, mass plantings in the distance or afternoon corners that are darken as the sun moves through the day.  Yellow supports chi energy in the Northeast, Northwest and Southwest directions.

Tiger’s Eye is a chatoyant gem that is usually a metamorphic rock with bands of yellow-gold.  Called The Stone of Courage and Strength. Tiger’s Eye supports strong root growth and prevents plant diseases.  A gem for harmony, place a crystal in the Wealth and Abundance area of your sacred space.  Fond of buttercups, peonies and sunflowers.

Yellow Fluorite supports weaken plants and restores them to strength and robustness.  This crystal is fragile, so place gently in your sacred space.  Placing close to plants that need to rebuild their internal structures works best for this gem.

Sphene, titanite-mixed form, is an interesting mineral that grows in plate-like or wedge-shaped forms and when in growing grids encourages growth.  It can be found in gray, green, red to red-brown or yellow.

Jarostie, a hydrous sulfate of potassium and iron. A yellow-brown mineral with an interesting link to the Rover expeditions to Mars. Jarostie is found in acid sulfate soil and is a natural fertilizer required for plant growth.  As such it plays a role in cross-fertilization of plants and flowers.  Named for Jara, a Spanish flower belonging to the Genus Cistu, it encourages fruit production and heals plants that live underwater.

Side Note:  Mars is thought to have water on it. The findings of this mineral on the Rover expeditions have reinforced the theory of life on Mars.



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