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Angels and Colors in a Sacred Space

 “Those who plants kindness gather love”  St. Basil the Great


Archangels provide another component to sacred spaces.  A brief introduction follows.  They have never been human though have appeared in human form while delivering messages.  Their frequency is higher than the human eye can detect.  When archangels travel through the ultraviolet frequency they are visible to infants, insects, and pets.  Those who are empathic, or clairvoyant can sense or see their presence.  They will arrive by flashes of light, a sudden movement through the corner of your eye, music, smells, or a voice inside your head.  Or a bust of innovation or creativity.  Or in dreams or meditations.

In keeping with my theme of colors, each archangel works with specific colors. They will appear in white, the color of just straight up energy.  Depending on climate condition or the conditions of your eyes, they can appear as different colors with their own meaning and role in your life.  Humans see between infrared and ultraviolet frequencies.

If you ask for help, they will come, they are here to help humans and the planet.  Don’t be shy asking for help.  As non-linear beings, they move between time and space and have appeared in almost every culture in the world.  Archangels are the supreme beings within the Angelic Realm, able to help people and areas at the same time.  They are gender-less and can appear different to everyone. Over time archangels have been seen as male or female.  Again, don’t be shy in asking for help.  Always say thank you.

Archangels’ mission is to guide and protect one during their earthly existence. Helping with spiritual needs, they are another form of spirit that can help with a sacred space.  I am discussing just a handful of the archangels whose colors and talents lend to sacred spaces.

Archangels in their shades of cool colors (blue, green, purple, white and silver) help to keep chi within sacred spaces.  If you have a small space this group of colors is the best combination adding their special touch of healing, restfulness, new beginnings or reflection.

Blue flowers create a contemplative mood by the virtue of their cooling and calming effect conveying love and wants.  Various shades are believed to lower the metabolic rate.  Examples are delphinium, lithodora, gentians, hydrangeas.

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Guidance.  When working with the color of blue, communications and expressions are clearer.   An organizer; she helps with planting, weeding, or pruning in a sacred space.  She will help plan and design specific area based on function.  If you are wondering if you have creative talents place your artistic corner in the west for Gabriel to help inspire you and discover your talents.  Add a water feature  and plant a pear or bay tree nearby.  Add the long-blooming wallflower.

Gabriel works with white and silver in her role as the Archangel of the Moon.  White flowers are a favorite especially when planted in a moon or night garden.  White roses and jasmine will bring in soft and enticing fragrances.  Gabriel is fond of fruit trees that bear stone fruit called drupes (melon, pear, papaya, coconut) and trees almond, hazelnut, and weeping willow.

Raphael is He who heals, and green is his color.  Green is about the heart and healing, joy and love, nature and inner peace.  He is the healing angel, and green is the Master Healing Color.  Face the east when seeking his advice where new beginnings are said to start.  Some of his favorite plants are the iris, hazelnut, myrtle and mulberry trees.

Springtime and healing sacred spaces will call Raphael to your side.  He is the Archangel of Health & Healing and will take the mentoring role when planting.  When planting ask him to infuse health and healing properties into the plants.  He is the all-purpose healer to call when creating healing spaces or horticultural therapy gardens.  He takes the role of Angelic Mentor and will advise you well.

Raphael as the Angelic Ambassador for Travelers watches over travelers guiding and protecting those who request his help with any aspect of physical travel and/or spiritual journeys.  Set aside an area of your sacred space for weary bones.  Raphael will release spirits and clear negative thought forms collected from the journeys.  Add a bit of humor through figurines, whimsy structures or great quotes and he will laugh out loud with you.

Zadkiel is the Archangel of Comfort, Prayer and Abundance.  Using the color indigo, he applies wind, weather, birds, stars, and inner wisdom to your sacred space.  He is known as the Bringer of Joy and will aid you in your sacred space when you are in despair.  Plant the oak, ash or cedar and talk to them for help.  They all reach for the sky and reflect the sky-blue that Zadkiel works with capturing intellect and spirituality.

Another angel fond of children, plant violets in a child’s sacred space invites him to appear.  Sweet violets’ (viola odorata) leaves are heart-shape.  Their fragrance and flowers shaped like happy faces lighten a child’s despair.  They comfort those in distressed or going through emotional changes.  This is a plant of the heart gifting its ability to comfort and pass heartache and grief with compassion.  They connect to everything and create spiritual bliss.

Violets have played a role in improving memory and works with Zadkiel together in a healing scared space.  Call in the Angel of Comfort when needing help with abundance (be it spiritual or material) and improving memory.  If you are like me and have not seen a particular plant for a while and not discussed it recently, I forget its properties.  I now know to call on Zadkiel, Angel of Memory to help me remember. Blue plants that help with memory are rosemary and forget-me-nots.

Azrael oversees Nature’s cycles.  Associated with honoring ancestors within sacred spaces.  Use his help in setting memorial gardens and transiting through life’s cycles.  Ask him to help identify plants you want to use in memorial or remembrance settings.  Use his energy through plants like cedar, pine or chrysanthemum that capture and protect memories.  Creamy white, white, or purple are his favorite colors.

Haniel, is the angel for nighttime gardens, especially those that face the west wind when the softer winds carry night blooming fragrances.  Venus, the Goddess of Beauty works with Haniel.  Together they energize children, healing and metaphysical spaces.  Ask her help for adding humor to your space and can’t decide on the pieces.

Roses and soft lights bring Haniel to help you enjoy the evening garden. Take time to look at the stars.  Her ancient work from Babylonian times may filter down to you.  If you are creating a knowledge space such as medicine garden, arboretum or forest, she will share that ancient knowledge.


 The Warm colors provide warmth and stabilizing characterizes and can often be found in the background supporting others.  Use pink to keep chi in with plants or structures.  In a child’s garden it contributes to creating adventure and tranquility, all at the same time.  Made of red and white pigments where red is for exploring and white for insight.  Copper is the color to use when your sacred space needs a boost from the earth.  A great color for a therapeutic garden.


Ariel oversees and works with all trees and elementals.  The archangel of the natural world partnering with Raphael when healing the earth and elementals.  She reminds us that magical healing energy is found in Nature.  Its energy is restorative and rejuvenates  the body, mind and spirit.  When one is out in nature they come back home again with a clearer perspective and different outlook on life.

Her colors are copper, gold, indigo, orange, pink and white.  When working in your sacred space on Saturdays – give her a shout out.  That is her day.  Ask her to guard your space and all included.  She’ll help you navigate through the nature realm where you can meet the elementals of the land and water.  Introduce the color copper through artwork, irises, rhododendrons, or day-lilies.  Interesting rocks and water features will help draw the elementals to your space.

Chamuel, the Angel of Love and overseeing children’s sacred spaces.  Pink is his color.  Other colors are ruby red or pale green.  He will help to repair relationships or increase  vibrations to experience and create positive, healthy relationships.  Plant mixed lettuce, carrots, white and red zinnias and petunias to call Chamuel.


The Hot Colors as a group provide vitality, forward movement, the symbolism of the forcefulness of the sun and conversation.  Red represents inner-strength and bursts of energy.  Orange is forward movement and socializing.  Yellow supports and stimulate intellectual activities, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem and feelings of self-power.

 Jophiel, is the Archangel of Creative Power, Illumination and Beauty.  What a great group of talents to call on when creating a sacred space or redesigning one.  A guardian of the Tree of Knowledge.  Loves shades of pink and yellow found in carnations and calla lilies.  Marigolds add that punch of brilliance.

Raziel is the Angel of Secret Gardens.  Secret gardens are a great touch to a sacred space.  He loves rainbows and all its colors.  Be sure to add that symbol in your scared space.  Plants like boxwood and yews help with making secluded or mysterious lines.  When you are taking your walk on that foggy day along the hedges, Raziel is present and it’s a good time to chat.  Or if you think you see Merlin or Gandalf for that is the energy of this angel with all their use of natural magic and great colors they produce.  Japanese Maples are a wonderful addition that works with Raziel.


The below chart summarizes some of the fun items regarding archangels.  When writing myths and contents such as I do; the resources are varied.  They are volumes, slim or views with many experiences.  I hope you enjoy the findings.



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