Darcy J MacPherson is next in the line of record keepers that promote, share, and provide education on the myths and uses of many of the plants and spirits that share our place in the environment.  She is an avid horticulturist and nature consultant passionate about plants and what they can do for us spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

She loves to explore the history and myths of gardens and plants: why they are important to people, what activities make them special, and how the smallest place can be the most sacred of places.  Continually studying horticulture practices, myths, and history have led to Darcy’s philosophy that “gardens weave through the fabrics of our lives, constantly teaching us about them and ourselves”.  As gardens evolve and change, so do their caretakers.

With a strong tie to the land and nature through her farming experience and Scottish roots, Darcy expands on the centuries of myths that have surrounded plants.  She is a fan of the green world and its natural use.  A lifelong interest in ancient history contributes to the interest in exploring the history and myths of gardens, plants, and sacred spaces.    

The constant educator, Darcy’s journey today consists of owning a business called Silver Thread Gardens where she partners with clients to understand their sacred spaces.  Through this, she weaves technical and practical expertise and mythology into her clients’ personal spaces. She enjoys collaborating with others to bring forth the value of nature to their world.

Darcy is a big fan of trees and has participated on local tree boards while working to develop and understand the dynamics of urban canopies. She is engaged in the promotion of tree stewardship and the overall health of the planet.  Her first published book is called Tree Spirituality.

A previous Information Technology Architect holding two master’s degrees in Information and Knowledge management, Darcy now puts those skills into disseminating plant lore, kindling the next-generation interest, and promoting every sacred space’s magical potential.

She has worked for over 10 years in full-scale nurseries and private gardens.  A native plant enthusiast.  Educated through Oregon State University, Edmonds Community College, South Seattle Community College, and Washington State University’s Master Gardener Program.  Darcy has herbal certifications through the American College of Health Care Sciences and East-West School Herbal & Aromatherapy Studies.  Along with certifications as a Flower essences practitioner of the Australian Bush Flower


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